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This is a State Exam Full Retake Study Course meaning if you just need a review and have already taken the full 75-hour course at another school but you can't seem to pass the exam because you don't feel they did a good job teaching the materials, we can help you pass.  

We realize many schools are all about selling you on taking the class with them, but once they got you, well it's too late after you realized you made a mistake. We'll be happy to pick up their slack by letting you retake the entire course with us at a seriously discounted price.

Yes even if you originally decided not to take your real estate licensing class with us. If you attending a class at what you now know to be an inferior school (if you started within the last 18 months) we have a heart and feel bad for you. We will offer a chance to retake the entire 75 hour class with us at a Deep Discount to get the skills and knowledge needed to pass your exam like an old pro. Career Path Academy is becoming very experienced in the re-education of students in this manner as we seem to get a lot of students like this.

Have you taken a real estate class at another school and are left unprepared and just can't seem to pass the state exam feeling like it was all just a waste of your time and money?

Maybe your instructor just couldn't communicate the subject matter well enough in a way you could understand, or maybe they rushed through the materials without first checking if everyone understood the content before moving on to the next subject, whatever the reasons,  we can help. 

We hear all kinds of horror stories from students, so we'd like to give you a second chance to prepare for a great career in real estate with our new FULL REVIEW offering through our Second Chance Program.

Perhaps you previously took the class with us but time lapsed for you to get your license for whatever reason, or you had difficulty passing the state exam because you're just not a good test taker or had a lot going on. Well fortunate for you, we'll allow you to join the 2nd chance program as well.


Many real estate schools offer cram for your exam type classes ranging from an hour to several hours long but they are rushed and not a great one-off solution to remember everything you need to know. These methods can be useful for some (we have recorded cram sessions to listen to) cram sessions alone don't always work and don't really instill true learning of the materials for a solid foundation of real estate knowledge. So if you didn't understand the content when taught in class to begin with, you'll still be lost. 

Our 2nd chance program offering is the only one of its kind that we're aware of ever being offered by any real estate school in New Jersey and is another Career Path Academy exclusive offering. We are the true innovators in NJ real estate education.

You can take the full licensing course with our instructors, not just an hour or a single-day review but the entire 75-hour course.

(You will be required to supply us with a copy of your paid receipt from the other school where you originally took the same course within the last 18 months to get this discount.)

At this price we'll even let you take the school exam through us however only as a practice. 

We will not issue a school completion certificate or certify your exam score or time required by state licensing education requirements with the state, this will just be a review class and practice test for you after which you need to go back to your other school to take the final exam if needed. (To have hours and exam certified with us, you can pay the $285.)

We are aware some other popular, larger, franchise schools offering cheaper classes but you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones do not allow their students to take the exam without repaying for the exam and/or the course itself, and retaking the entire course is sometimes required to retake the exam if you failed it once or twice. If you take a class with us we allow our students to study and retake the school exam as many times as needed (2 attempts included free, thereafter it is $20 for 2 more tries). Unfortunately, some students don't test as well or study for that matter, and simply don't help themselves but we won't penalize you by paying for the entire class again for that.

(Students wanting us to certify their class time attendance and test scores under this program will pay $285 for this course which is still a discount off our regular everyday low prices.)

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To Pay for Second Chance Program

Select one of the 2nd Chance Program options from the drop down menu to pay by credit, debit, or paypal, otherwise to pay by Zelle send to: 908-884-5757 (Victor Kaminski is the name on the account and make note with your name)

If drop down below isn't working use:

Paypal "Send": Send payment to victor @ or use this link

Review Course Requirement

Students must present proof they have taken a licensing class at another real estate school by presenting their school enrollment payment receipt and/or school exam fail notice showing they started the class within the last 18 months or failed their school exam within the last 6 months demonstrating the need for the review. 

(Career Path Academy Students DO NOT have to pay to retake the course for up to 6 months free retakes to certify their hours and up to 1 year from their original course start date FREE of charge for review. If past that time, they may sign up for the 2nd chance program for up to 18 months from their start date as well otherwise will have to pay the regular class price as anyone else would.)

Schools generally do not allow more than a year maximum to take and pass your school exam or retake their course therefore any longer is a futile attempt so at that point you should just take the full course, school exam, and get certified for your state exam through Career Path Academy. Check your school policy before joining this class as many schools only allow 3 to 6 months after starting their course to meet all the requirements and we cannot be held responsible for knowing what those requirements are.

Note: After starting the course for review purposes (not to certify school hours, or exam results) you will not be able to pay the difference to make the course "count" so decide before you begin if you want to take the class as a review or as a licensing course.