CE Credits for Licensing Class

Post date: Jun 06, 2012 4:11:42 PM

Real Estate licensing classes will not always satisfy your

"CE" Continuing Education licensing requirement.

If you recently took a real estate licensing course at our school or any other school in New Jersey you may find yourself unable to renew your license without taking additional classes. If you find yourself asking do I need to take ce classes if I just took a real estate licensing course here is your answer. The new real estate licensing laws state that any student completing a salesperson's course prior to June 30th in even numbered years would still be required to take additional CE or Continuing Education classes to meet the 12 hour CE license renewal requirement. Anyone who has completed a brokers course any time between licensing periods would have satisfied the full 12 hour CE course requirement. Salesperson classes completed after June 30th in even numbered years will count toward your full 12 hour continuing education licensing requirement for the current licensing period and there is nothing more you need to do except ensure your credits have been applied to your license by the school where you took your class.  Important Notice: Students who complete the salesperson class between June 30th in odd numbered years to June 30th in even numbered years will NOT get credit and will still have to take "CE" Continuing Education classes in order to renew their licenses. Where can I take a CE class?Meet your full 12 hour real estate CE class credit requirement by taking class at home  online whenever you'd like, in the middle of the night at home in your pj's at anytime for  at little cost www.CareerPathAcademy.com/ce