We Have Rolling Classes

Attention Prospective Real Estate Agents

Career Path Academy is introducing rolling real estate enrollment. We've made it even more convenient for students to get started in a course based on their schedule, not ours!

What is Rolling Enrollment?

It basically means we've broken our classes into modules allowing us to accept new students into a class after the course has begun by tracking the topics and time covered in our in-person or live online zoom classes.

Students can join an ongoing class during a regularly scheduled course on...

Another great thing about rolling enrollment is that a student who misses a particular class can make up the time and learn the materials covered by taking the module missed instead of retaking the entire course as many other schools require.

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or check our schedules and fill out your enrollment form with/payment and fax/email to us

What you CAN NOT do:

You cannot take one or two hours here, leave as you wish, come back a week later for another hour or two. This would make it impossible to track what content you covered, when you come in  you must be in class for the entire day or evening when mixing/matching. No school could possibly offer such course flexibility and think you would walk away having learned anything. We have been told some schools are playing unethical games with schedules, content and time and will not take part in such activities so don't ask. Students must make some kind of commitment to their own education.