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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell what sets you apart from other real estate schools?

See what our students have to say on social media sites, they tend to do very well and even those that attended real estate classes in the past say we're way better and explain why. Check us out on youtube. It's our teaching methods, our policies, prices, we don't play games nickel and diming our students, etc.

What are your pass rates?

Pass rates for school or state exam? For students who recently took the class or our best month ever?

You see schools that brag about pass rates are usually fudging their numbers. Besides how well another student did doesn't reflect on your performance does it? Nothing in these classes is rocket science and as long as it is explained to you so that you understand everything, if the student takes notes, if the student reviews and studies, they should pass. BUT... it is a lot of new information and if YOU don't study and review, you probably will not pass, same goes if you don't pay attention in class. So it's mostly dependent on YOU provided that the school explained it well to begin with.

Are you state certified and licensed?

Yes we are a licensed real estate pre and post-licensing education institution with the NJ REC (Real Estate Commission) who is a department within the DOBI (Department of Banking and Insurance), they're the ones that issue licenses and enforce the laws.

Do you offer practice exams?

Yes, we offer free practice exams, quizzes and they are included in the books we issue for every chapter as well as 2 more full sample exams. We also tell you about other resources, free and paid to help you study. We also provide FREE video recordings of the class you can review later, FREE audio class recordings and Cram for the exam Q&A audio recording 6.5 hours worth of cram session. We also provide copies of the slide shows, helpful resources and links along with other useful info to our students. Honestly, most students wouldn't have time to go through all the information we provide.

Do you have help and support when needed?

Yes before, during and after you finish with us. We have students that reach out to us for guidance when they should be reaching out to their own brokers for assistance. We're glad to assist when we can.

How often is your curriculum updated?

Regular, sometimes even during class as we find new better ways to explain things. And it is updated as the state licensing laws and regulations do.

Do you have any type of pass guarantee in which you get your money back if you don’t pass the state exam?

NO, that would be foolish but we do have a Pass Guarantee that allows students to come back and retake the class for free as many times as you'd like for up to one year for "Review Purposes" only, not to recertify your hours if you missed the states time limit to get your license after you pass the school exam and complete your education requirement.

Do you offer online courses or are all your classes done in the classroom?

State Law requires in-person / classroom instructor-led courses only. HOWEVER due to Covid-19/Coronavirus the REC has temporarily granted us permission to offer online courses which is the ONLY way classes are currently being taught due to the Governor not allowing schools to reopen yet. We teach LIVE classes online through Zoom, using slideshows and over video chat however, the student is still issued a book before the first day of class.