Bring A Buddy Discount Price Exclusive Offer from Career Path Academy

Another Career Path Academy Exclusive Offer

Bring A Buddy - New Jersey real estate salesperson licensing class discount pay only $325 each when you enroll with this multiple person enrollment discount offer. Bring one Buddy or two or more and we will extend the discounted price to everyone who signs up together.

Simply state on your enrollment form your friends name and that you're using the bring a friend discount, have them do the same on their enrollment form.


Bring a Buddy or two or more and everyone gets the discounted tuition price.

Bring A Buddy Policy 

Your Buddy doesn't have to sign up for the same class however both have to be signed up and paid in full before either starts their class. No refunds for the discounted price and other discount offer cannot be combined. In the unlikely event your Buddy doesn't start and wants a refund or disputes the charge later, their other friend must pay the full price balance before we will give credit for taking the class or passing the exam.

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Our Past Giveaways

When you bring a friend and both sign up for and pay for class together, you get to enjoy a price break off our already low prices. While most reputable schools are still charging $399+ for the NJ real estate license class, we're offering a new standard low price with further discounts for those who help us build our business. The discount will be enjoyed by you and all your buddies who sign up together, 2 buddies or 5 the same price applies. When you sign up for class with a friend and pay at the same time in full before the first day of class for the same class all buddies only pay $325 each including books. Call to find out more 732-650-9911

NOTE: If you don't Bring-A-Buddy, Don't ask for the discount.

Good for any of our New Jersey real estate salesperson licensing classes with a buddy, you and your friend(s) send in registration form and payment before the first day of class and register to take the same class together and both students will enjoy the discount.

Discounts will not be given retroactively or for last minute walk-ins. Both students must check the Bring A Buddy discount on the registration form and add their friends name to receive the discount. To avoid dishonesty, you cannot add a friend to your registration form later. 

Students who meet in our lobby will not be honored this discount, so don't try taking that route. You need to register in advance for this discount before the first day of class. NO Last-minute registrations can use the Bring-A-Buddy discount other than in online classes.

When you sign up for class with a friend and pay at the same time in full before the first day of class for the same class all the buddies signing up together only pay a $325 tuition each including books, registration and school exam.

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NOTE: Pricing is for real estate salesperson licensing classes not the broker classes.

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