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Simply the Best NJ Real Estate School around, Period! Don't settle for a Cheap Copy...

2020 Celebrating 13 Years in Business!
We NEVER raised our prices, we actually lowered them!
Forcing the industry to lower their prices.
Ya gotta show us some love and support us for that.
Open Since 2007


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We provide a superior education offering the most included services to ensure you pass your state exam showing how much we care about our students. 

NO OTHER SCHOOL OFFERS the SAME or even SIMILAR services included in their prices, NONE!!! 
and to top it off we will BEAT or MATCH any regularly advertised price from any school within a 30 miles radius of our location for any salesperson or broker licensing course.

We guarantee you'll pass your state exam or you can retake the course as many times as needed free of charge until you do. We don't charge to take the school exam or retake it and we offer extra's like mix-n-match classes, access to pre-recorded classes for free in case you miss one so you can make up the content (keep in mind you must be present for at least 80% if the state required hours).

While other schools constantly try to imitate us, they never manage to duplicate what we do, even those big players subsidized by their real estate brokerages breaking the rules mixing brokerage and education activities, we don't do that, abide by our ethical standards.  We have the best pricing, the only time their pricing comes close is when they are in danger of going out of business and getting desperate or just lying with deceptive hidden additional costs you won't find out about until it's too late like with those Groupon "bargains"  we refuse to engage in although would probably hook a lot more fish like you. These offers usually end up costing students way more than us in the end charging a low fee for the class BUT book is extra, exam extra, study materials extra, retakes extra, requiring you to retake and pay for class at a discounted rate if you don't pass the exam so many times extra, certifying your education requirement with the state extra. We rather not get caught up in all that deception. I did say we had an ethical standard we abide by right.

We won't match deceptive slashed pricing or crazy "specials" a desperate failing school may offer or those subsidized by a brokerage planning to recruit from the classes (they aren't suppose to) for their brokerage willing to charge less because they'll get the money out of you elsewhere. We've had students join with these schools drop out half way and then join with us. I recall one instance where an entire class left one of those largest real estate schools in NJ supported by their brokerage subsidized classes which that happened.

Some of these bad imitators websites even copy our website content word for word, our enrollment forms, class naming conventions, pricing, school policies. It's crazy how lazy and ethically challenged these schools are.
Do you really trust them or want to learn from a cheap lazy imitator like that?  (We're working on a new more modern and professional looking site.)

We have been around longer in many cases and have higher moral and ethical standards than those guys.
Our teaching techniques, results and students can speak for us so we don't have to be so braggadocios.

Trust what our past students have to say, not ours, or even some 3rd party sites that allow fake reviews to be posted. See the faces of our reviewers on facebook, google, youtube, etc.

Have more questions see our FAQ page.

Watch and Listen to our students
Video Reviews to see what they have to say about us 

We have more on our Facebook and YouTube Pages

Existing Brokers & Salespersons Get All 12 hours CE Credits
Required for License Renewal

is the BEST real estate school in New Jersey.
US vs. Them!!!

We opened in 2007 and have been crushing the "competition" ever since. We're innovating real estate education and the first and maybe still the only school to...

  • Break the $399 price barrier for real estate salesperson licensing classes in North Central Jersey, our classes are only $345 including books and we offer smaller classes better for learning and hold them more often than other schools. Like our 2 week day class, nobody offers it more often, few schools even offer it!
  • You don't have to settle for less, we will match or beat any "competitor" regular pricing with our price match guarantee.
  • We don't use the school to recruit potential new agents, unfortunately and illegally some other schools may allow their instructors to engage in these practices by turning a blind eye.
  • We include the price of books in the tuition, What a novel concept!!!
  • We offer 100% FREE review classes to our students.
  • We offer 100% FREE audio review files to help cram for your exam with the course.
  • We offer 100% FREE audio pre-recordings of classes being taught so if you didn't get it the first time or miss a class, maybe you'll understand it being explained again. You must attend 80% of class hrs.
  • Review your wrong answers on your school final so you don't make the same mistakes later!
  • We offer an $895 advanced real estate broker course (NO hidden fees, Why pay more for less?)
  • We have financing options for the "Brokers" course, Brokers class financing options.
  • Offer a two month part time 4 evening per week broker class that finishes in 2 months
  • We offer our veterans discounts (if you are not a veteran please don't ask for it)
  • We offer a pretty sick multiple student enrollment discount, just $300 bucks each!
  • We offer a 100% Pass the State Exam Guarantee.
  • We offer an exclusive SECOND CHANCE program discount to students who goofed and enrolled in another lesser school first and now can't pass the exam. We'll offer you REDEMPTION and a discount to experience a real good school with this program.
  • We are the ONLY school in the state to offer a Fast Track weekend class program on both Saturday & Sunday to finish in 5 weekends!!!
  • We offer FREE school exam retakes in case you don't study or bad with test taking and don't pass on the first shot, others charge $60 or more with a limit before you need to pay to retake the entire course again! (we charge may charge $20 after 3 tries, if at our discretion we believe you aren't studying and wasting our time wanting to just retest daily. We also don't have a limit on tries.)


Career Path Academy is
North Central Jersey's # 1 choice among brokers to send their new prospective agents to get licensed. We're well known for delivering quality real estate education with the best regular prices.

We staff the best professional trainers and educators with the knowledge and experience to prepare you take the exam with confidence and instil the knowledge needed to prepare you for the state exam and a successful career.

You can get your real estate license attending day classes in as little as two weeks! If that option isn't good, we have evening and weekend classes available. We offer classes for salespeople looking to further their careers with our New Jersey Brokers Classes, continuing education and custom specialty courses.

We offer small class sizes for an environment more conducive to learning and add in flexible class schedules with accelerated and rolling class schedules with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lowest prices around and you will see we really have no competition, only imitators but be careful because imitators cut often cut back or play games we do not.

Get your real estate license by taking the nj real estate salesperson license class at Career Path Academy and don't regret it.
Why Pay More For Less?

UNLIKE so-called "Competing Schools", We Have...
nj real estate license class $345

  • NO Separate Registration fees
  • NO Testing Fees
  • NO Separate Book Fees, included in tuition
  • NO illegal high pressure recruiting in class
  • NO cutting corners delivering required class time
  • Our price includes Everything you'll need to complete the class
Career Path Academy has the best prices around and most flexible schedules with the best instructors available, period. Be wary of schools offering ridiculously low prices, they are either PACKED with too many students in order to make enough to pay their instructors or play games by charging additional registration fees and add in extra separate charges for books, etc.

Call Career Path Academy

We have programs the others simply don't offer!!!
Don't settle for those cheap carbon copy schools
We're simply the best New Jersey Real Estate school around period.

We already have the best prices around
Our Specials are Listed Below
Please DO NOT ask for any additional "Special" treatment

NOTE: If you don't qualify for one of our special discount offers DO NOT ask for it.
If you don't bring a buddy, don't ask for the Bring-A-Buddy Discount, if you're not an honorably discharged veteran, don't ask for that discount either, if you do a stupidity surcharge may apply.

Exclusive 100% State Exam Pass Guarantee or retake the entire salesperson course as many times as needed on us for free (space permitting) for up to one year from your class graduation date. This will not recertify your hours with the state extending the 1 year time restriction the state has to get your license.

If another
school tells you they have a 100% state exam pass record for their students, Ask them to prove it by showing last months report from PSI, the state testing agency. We just don't want you to rely on lies before making your decision.

FREE REFRESHER CLASSES - We allow students up to 6 months to complete the salesperson course and 1 year for the brokers class after your start date. Once a student completes the course they may retake it as many times they wish on us for FREE for up to 1 year from the original class start date.

lowest price promise

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE - We won't be beat or lose business to a lesser competitor because of price. We have the best deals around and will beat any fly by night school's prices to ensure you get the best education around. We will match or beat any competing school's regularly advertised all inclusive price. 

VETERANS DISCOUNT - Career Path Academy is proud of our great country and those willing to protect and serve her. As our thanks Career Path Academy is offering honorably discharged or active duty veterans discounted real estate licensing classes for only $250 including books. For Veterans discount info click here.


Take your real estate licensing class with a friend
each will only pay $300.

Bring-A-Buddy Discount when you bring a friend and both sign up for and pay for class together, you get to enjoy a price break off our already low prices. While most reputable schools are still charging $399+ for the NJ real estate license class, we're offering a new standard low price with further discounts for those who help us build our business. The discount will be enjoyed by you and all your buddies who sign up together, 2 buddies or 5 the same price applies. When you sign up for class with a friend and pay at the same time in full before the first day of class for the same class all buddies only pay $300 each including books. Call to find out more 732-650-9911 Ext.306
NOTE: If you don't Bring-A-Buddy, Don't ask for the discount.

SECOND CHANCE PROGRAM - STUDENT DISCOUNT Yes even if you originally decided to attend an inferior school for whatever reason to get your real estate license and did so (within the last 6 months) we'll show some pity on you and offer a second chance to retake the entire 75 hour class with us at a Deep Discount to help you get the skills and knowledge needed to pass your exam which the other school failed to do. We want you to be happy and help spread the good word about Career Path Academy, if you can make us that promise, we'll help you out. 

Fast Track Weekend Class
Take the weekend class and finish much faster with our fast track weekend class in just 5 weekends.

Finance Options Made Simple!


    Cram for the NJ Real Estate Exam Review Class

    Cram for the Exam Review Classes
    These review classes are open to anybody, no matter what school you took the licensing class with. This class comes with a Free Pizza Luch.
    Career Path Academy Offers real estate license classes, specialty courses, continuing education and so much more and all for less... Real Estate Pre-Licensing, Sales-Person, Broker / Broker-Salesperson and Licensed Real Estate Associates Continuing Education Real Estate CE Credit classes.

    Call us at 732-650-9911
    Please excuse our site's appearance, we have a new site on the way.


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