Salesperson Exam Verification Form


  1. Checkout is to pay for the school exam, it will give our registered students 2 attempts

  2. Students will have 90 days before their 2 exam attempts will automatically expire at which point you will have to repurchase and call to remove the security lock from testing system on your account. So even if you pay again the system locks you out unless we remove the lock.

  3. Students unique code is needed to take the exam.

  4. We must first confirm your account is in "good standing" before we will process your info to the state (before or after taking the exam) This means the following:

    1. The student does not owe / have an outstanding balance for the class and that the payment for class has been processed, cashed or received

    2. The student is within the 6 month time frame since their class official start date
      (not the student start date because sometimes students join ongoing classes)

      We are not counting the time against the student for delays between our last school open date before covid-19 shutdown orders from 3/13/20 until online exams were made available on 7/24/20 so if you 6 month period ended between these dates we will calculate from your end date not counting this time in between.

    3. Students past the 6 month school allotted time to pass the school exam an additional 6 months by purchasing a 1 time extension for $100 plus the online exam fee as an option below as well.

    4. Student must provide their attendance sheet from class your instructor signed daily or if they took the classes strictly online let us know which class by the class ID and we can lookup your zoom attendance. Keep in mind if you spread it through several classes (it is the student's responsibility to keep a record of which classes on which dates they attended and the school will then verify those records) Students cannot take exams without school verification of attendance, a state requirement.

      You will need the class start date which you can get from our calendar page if a recent class and you forgot. We have day, evening and weekend class options add the class ID starting with SPD for day class SPW for weekend or SPE for evening class followed by a "-" dash and then the date without any characters as follows in the example when it asks for that info. 


      (Correct format) SPD-01012020  (Use mmddyyyy)
      (Wrong items in red)
      SPD-    (missing date)

      • Day Class - SPD-mmddyyyy
      • Eve Class - SPE-mmddyyyy
      • Weekend Class - SPW-mmddyyyy

  5. Students MUST provide certain information to process their info to the state's testing center upon passing the school exam.
    1. Legal First and Last name of student (they will need id to prove it later)
    2. Working valid person email address (state will keep on file for communications)
    3. Cell #  and/or Home #
    4. Birth Date
    5. Social Security Number  or TIN #
    6. Full Complete Home Address unit # and NJ County name

  6. If you pass your exam after the first try, congratulations however there is no refund or credit or transferable credit for the unused attempt, nor will you be able to take the exam again for practice as the system will lock you out after you exhaust both attempts or pass.

  7. If you do not pass after 2 attempts we do not place a limit or further requirements before you can take the exam again like require you to pay and retake the entire class over like some schools do. If you should need more attempts; purchase another using this same checkout, you will need to let us know to remove a security lock that will allow 2 more attempts.

Students test takers could only have one web browser open while taking the exam and no other applications. Have a scrap piece of paper and a regular calculator for the math problems. Cell phone should be off during exams and no other books or materials available or near the student. Student should be alone and not getting assistance from others.

if student tries to open another tab or another application or try to copy paste we will be notified. If you persist the exam will be invalidated and you will not get credit for it.

  1. Complete Student Enrollment Verification Form
  2. Pay for Exam (If after payment you cannot access exam,
    call or email victor
    to have your info added into testing system)
  3. Follow instructions to begin exam
Just in case you already enrolled but didn't see how to pay for the school exam,
Click here for payment page to open in a separate window

Student Enrollment Verification

Just in case you already enrolled but didn't see how to pay for the school exam,
Click here for payment page to open in a separate window