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Career Path Academy is renowned as the Best New Jersey Real Estate School that provides comprehensive education for aspiring real estate professionals. Whether you’re aiming to become a real estate salesperson or a real estate broker, Career Path Academy offers the best training to help you achieve your goals. Here’s what you need to know to Get Your New Jersey Real Estate License with Career Path Academy:

NJ Real Estate Licensing Classes:
Career Path Academy is licensed by the New Jersey real estate commission, a division of the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance.

Our students consistently perform well, with an average of over 81% scoring 88% or higher on their exams. We can quote you a 100% pass rate like other schools for the one month that may have ever happened but that would be lying. 

We offer instructor-led live interactive courses via Zoom Meeting Mode, allowing remote students to actively participate and ask questions without having to be called upon and given permission to speak, it works like being in a real classroom.

Recorded classes are available for review and exam preparation but you always have the option to attend a live class again at no additional cost for up to one year for review purposes and we give students six months to initially complete their education with us which includes passing the school exam. Other schools do not offer half of what we do.

Flexible Scheduling Options:
We understand that everyone has different schedules. That’s why we offer full-time, part-time, and flexible scheduling options. Whether you prefer day, evening, or weekend classes, we’ve got you covered.

Getting Started:

Check our class calendar for upcoming classes scheduled, we have day, evening or weekend class options

Fill out the enrollment form, specifying the class start date and if it is a day, evening, or weekend class you wish to join.
Use the following enrollment format for the class you wish to join, SP for salesperson followed by D for day class, then a dash followed by the start date as shown in the example below:
(SPD-mmddyyyy for day class), (SPE-mmddyyyy for evenings), and (SPW-mmddyyyy for weekends).

Pay for Class by choosing from flexible payment options (credit card, bank card, PayPal, Zelle, or cash).

Arrange book pick up or delivery by calling us 732-650-9911
Zoom link for class will be sent via email before the start date along with note supplement materials.

Continuing Education (CE) Classes:
Career Path Academy also offers approved online CE courses to help you earn the required credits for maintaining your real estate license.

Why Choose Career Path Academy?
Rock Solid Base Education: Our licensed professional trainers and educators prepare you not only to pass the state exam but also for a successful career.

Best Prices and More: We provide exceptional value for your money. We also have some discount programs available as outlined on our payments page.

#1 in NJ Real Estate Education: Career Path Academy is your best choice for real estate education in New Jersey.

For more information,  browse our website or check out our Facebook, Youtube, instagram or see the reviews of us on Google, or many other sites.

More information about Career Path Academy, New Jersey's #1 real estate school.

Career Path Academy is the best New Jersey Real Estate School to get a real estate salesperson license or broker license with and become a realtor faster with us.

We have Flexible Schedules, Full Time, Part Time, and Flexible Scheduling options available. Taking this class is the first step in starting a new career in real estate. 

Enroll now for the best price with the best NJ real estate school around. Career Path Academy is licensed with the New Jersey real estate commission, a division of the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance to offer New Jersey real estate licensing classes. Our students consistently do better with an average of over 81% of our students scoring 88% or higher on their exam. (Of course the student has to be serious and dedicate their time and effort to pay attention in class and study).

Take the NJ real estate license class with Career Path Academy, take the course, and get licensed. We have instructor-led live interactive courses, webinars are actually taught in Zoom Meeting Mode, not the webinar mode to allows the student remotely attending classes to openly ask questions as freely as if they were taking in-person classes at our location.

Career Path Academy real estate license class is the best to get the most for your money and we offer way more than other schools. We have recorded classes for real estate class review and cram for the NJ real estate exam to become a Realtor and people say it's the best and fastest place to get my NJ Real Estate License. 

Career Path Academy will walk you step by step through the process of getting the NJ Real Estate License and give advice and how to do business, get clients, get started in the real estate business in New Jersey and go over how to choose a real estate broker, what to look for in a real estate company to work for and talk about real estate training class options.

Career Path Academy is # 1 in NJ real estate education

Career Path Academy is the best real estate school in NJ to get your real estate license. Check out our website or facebook page. Career Path Academy has the best prices, schedules and offers more for less. Our students pass at higher rates with better scores and we don't nickel and dime our students. Our enrollment is all inclusive, we give students 6 months to complete the class, include the books, class recordings, slides, quizzes, the school exam is included and we offer an extension option if you need more time to finish up to 1 year. Check out Career Path Academy today (Licensed by the NJ REC - Real Estate Commission / Department of Banking and insurance).


Classes Online  - Us vs Competitors vs in-Person classes

The In-person classes continue to be taught remotely, these are LIVE instructor-led classes via Zoom in "Meeting Mode" as opposed to "Presentation, Seminar, Webinar Mode" most schools use which does not allow students to freely interact with the instructor like the "Meeting Mode" does.. 

We will meet with students to hand out the books. Currently live remote classes are our only offerings per student demand and the fact the NJ Real Estate Commission aka the REC has allowed remote instruction permanently, provided the courses are live instructor-led or on-demand only if they are ARELLO certified. We plan on offering live in-person classroom courses on a limited basis as the demand doesn't appear to be popular at this time. 

This is not your typical Zoom-style online course. Our virtual classroom experience includes a live video stream of your instructor teaching, slide presentations, video clips, whiteboard illustrations & diagrams, custom handouts and pre-recordings of classes are made available to download or view online and the ability to have your questions answered in real-time in the open forum during class is possible because we teach all of our classes in "Meeting Mode" which allows students to speak freely as opposed to "Presentation, Seminar, Webinar Mode" training mode which only allows students to speak if called upon. 

We also include recordings of the class at no additional cost, quizzes and so much more.

Before signing up for a class with another school, don't fall for gimmicks they try to pass off as premium, premier or ultimate packages or as some kind of "extra" which is and should be included as we do. 

First off check out their instructors to see if they are licensed actively in New Jersey as they should be. Look up their names here:

Many school mislead the public telling potential students they offer "extras" which is simply supplying you with free information they should be telling you about anyway but make it available as a bonus or upgraded package as if you were ordering knowledge a-le-carte. This includes things like telling you that you can get licensed in 3 states by taking our class. Yeah, get licensed here in NJ, and in NY and PA just by using your completion certificate from us to get an education waiver in NY then once you have that PA will just give you the license. See that cost nothing to tell you about. 

You may still need to take an exam and affiliate with a broker to get licensed in some states. Some never bring up the book, we include it, others over-charge extra, to certify your 75 hours with the state that shouldn't be an upgrade but with some, it may be. Teaching you about math or giving you study guides or learning about property management or talking about investing are standard parts of the course yet it may be marketed as part of an upsell premium package. Schools are required to go over certain topics in order for you to be able to pass the state exam.

Schools should not be "placing" you with any brokerage or doing recruiting from the classroom. We give you a list of questions to ask when interviewing brokers and give some guidance on what to look out for when selecting a broker as opposed to getting interviewed by them or steering you toward one.

Our courses include bonus materials and resources no other school offers. One example may be how to get started on a shoestring budget without skimping on quality tools and resources you WILL need once you get licensed. 

Our examples and videos included in the course are topically related, no-nonsense rambling stories that don't teach you something that can be used on the exam or in the field. These real-world examples are given so you can better understand how to perform once in the business and know what not to do. All of our instructors are Licensed NJ Brokers or Broker-Salespersons and our student pass rates are extremely high. We guarantee you'll pass and you can retake the class as many times as you'd like within 1 year to ensure it. We give students 6 months to complete the school coursework and include your first 2 exam attempts.

Real Estate Licensing Courses for

Salespersons & Brokers


1 Hollywood Court,  2nd Floor
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Simply the Best NJ Real Estate Schools around, Period!
Don't settle for less...

2024 Celebrating 17 Years Educating!

NJ Real Estate Education Experts - Since 2007

No-Nonsense Non-Deceptive Transparent Pricing:





This video will be updated, "some" info has changed (note as of 2/23/23) 

For example, your first two school exam attempts are included in your tuition



Existing Brokers & Salespersons Get All 12 hours CE Credits

Required for License Renewal


is the BEST real estate school in New Jersey.
US vs. Them!!!

We opened in 2007 and have been crushing the "competition" ever since. We're innovating real estate education and the first and maybe still the only school to...




We provide a superior education offering the most in one single package instead of teaser-tiered or ala-carte pricing or slick deceptive offers we've seen.
We include more with our services to ensure you pass your state exam proving just how much we care about our student's success. 

We are the premier name in New Jersey when it comes to real estate education having thousands of students pass through our doors over the years. We're a trendsetter too.

Since first opening our doors in 2007, we introduced the first sub $400 class (prices have risen with inflation as of last year but we're still the most competitive in pricing with what we actually offer). Some schools today may advertise lower prices however they really do not compare. From the non-profit school models subsidized by brokerages that will try to recruit heavily and share your information to those that will nickel and dime you to death. Our prices have been steady over the years and we only include more now yet still charge less than most others since we opened back in 2007. Our prices have gone up from the opening days a bit but we rather be more transparent and offer more in one universal licensing package deal. 

We used to have a price-matching guarantee however too many schools playing games with deceptive pricing structures made it hard to keep up with all the gimmicks so we just do our own thing now. We still offer the best value around and our students get more for their money, along with being the best-prepared students around.

Nobody matches what we offer at our low, no-games pricing.

What we offer to our real estate salesperson licensing class students:

Normally we don't like to brag so we let our students do it for us with their reviews, you can find them online and the best are the video reviews which can't be faked by schools, their staff, family, using fake accounts, or leaving bad reviews anonymously trying to deceive the public

All those games! Oh so childish...

We will be updating our site soon to look better, and more modern and add more of our students' video reviews but you can check out our website, youtube and facebook for some great comments and video reviews our students have left for us.

While other schools constantly try to imitate us, they never manage to duplicate what we offer.

You may even find some schools just copy-paste information from our website, some use our highly customized slideshows they managed to get their hands on from former students. 

Even the big players AKA those subsidized by and constantly recruiting for their affiliated real estate brokerages (breaking the rules doing so), we have more integrity than that, it's unethical.  

We have the best pricing, the only time their pricing comes close is when they are in danger of going out of business and getting desperate for business or just lying to student candidates with deceptive offers with hidden additional costs you won't find out about until it's too late.

Beware of schools offering Groupon "bargains", we refused to engage in those limited seat offers or those charging extra for everything. Schools need to split the entire class tuition with them. How could they stay in business doing that? 

These cheap offers usually end up costing students way more than what we charge, they take more time to complete, and everything is an extra up-charge. They start with a low fee for the class itself BUT the book is extra, exam extra, study materials extra, certifying your hours for attending the class an extra separate fee from the class itself, retakes of class extra, requiring you to retake and pay for the class at a discounted rate if you don't pass the exam "x" many times extra. We rather not engage in deceptive, misleading, and confusing concepts like this. I did say we have ethical standards we abide by right.

We won't match deceptive slashed pricing or crazy "specials" a desperate failing school may offer or those subsidized by a brokerage planning to recruit from the classes (they aren't supposed to but often do for their brokerage) 

We've had students who join these schools drop out halfway and then join us. I recall one instance where an entire class left one of those largest real estate schools in NJ supported by their brokerage subsidized classes which happened. We extended all those students our special 2nd chance pricing discount.

Some of these bad imitators' websites even copy our website content word for word, our enrollment forms, class naming conventions, pricing, and school policies. It's crazy how lazy and ethically challenged some can be.

Do you really trust or want to learn from a cheap lazy imitator like that? 
(We're working on a new more modern and professional-looking site update coming soon.)

Our teaching techniques, results, and students can speak for us so we don't have to be so braggadocios.

Trust what our past students have to say, not ours, or even some 3rd party sites that allow fake reviews to be posted. See the faces of our reviewers on Facebook, google, youtube, etc.

Oh, avoid real estate schools that offer job placement, they are not supposed to be steering students toward one brokerage or another.  Every instructor has either a broker or broker-salesperson license and could also manage or run an office or entire company. It is extremely unethical for them to use the classroom as a recruiting tool, especially since other brokers may have referred students to them for the class with the intent of that student signing on with that broker after they get licensed. 

Have more questions see our FAQ page.

We include with the class itself the print version or e-book in our tuition, certifying the hours with the state for a full year, we include additionally for free the slideshows we teach with, video recordings of those classes, sample quizzes, math how-to study guide and videos, 1 full year of free retakes of the class for review, 6 months of free retakes to certify your hours, and if you go over that time, we'll add another 6 months to certify the hours for an additional $100


We do believe in transparency, the only thing we charge separately for is the school exam since we use a 3rd party service for online exam delivery. But wait... We DO NOT place any limit on the number of attempts to retake the school exam and then require you to pay to retake the class before you can like other schools do. We charge $20 for 2 exam attempts with no limit on exam attempts! Update: if you join a class after 10/22/22 the first 2 school exam attempts will be included.


Enroll and pay now for salesperson classes by Cash

We will give you $25 off our regular price! 

(cannot be combined with any other discount)


We offer some discounts on the following but please see the main page for more details on particular programs before calling to find out more about these programs. It's all on the site:

Special Pricing May be available to brokers we have working relationships with, if you are a broker contact us for more information.

Watch and Listen to our students

Video Reviews to see what they have to say about us 

Career Path Academy student Video Reviews.

We have more on our Facebook and YouTube Pages

Career Path Academy is North Central Jersey's # 1 choice among brokers to send their new prospective agents to get licensed. We're well known for delivering quality real estate education at the best regular prices.

We staff the best professional trainers and educators with the knowledge and experience to prepare you take the exam with confidence and instill the knowledge needed to prepare you for the state exam and a successful career.

You can get your real estate license by attending day classes in as little as two weeks! If that option isn't good, we have evening and weekend classes available. We offer classes for salespeople looking to further their careers with our New Jersey Brokers Classes, continuing education, and custom specialty courses.

We offer small class sizes for an environment more conducive to learning and add in, flexible class schedules with accelerated and rolling class schedules with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lowest prices around and you will see we really have no competition, only imitators but be careful because imitators cut often cut back or play games we do not.

Get your real estate license by taking the nj real estate salesperson license class at Career Path Academy and don't regret it.

Why Pay More For Less?

UNLIKE so-called "Competing Schools", We Have...

Career Path Academy has the best prices around and the most flexible schedules with the best instructors available, period. Be wary of schools offering ridiculously low prices, they are either PACKED with too many students in order to make enough to pay their instructors or play games by charging additional registration fees and add in extra separate charges for books, etc.

Call Career Path Academy


We have programs the others simply don't offer!!!

Don't settle for those cheap carbon copy schools

We're simply the best New Jersey Real Estate school around period.

We already have the best prices around

Our Specials are Listed Below

Please DO NOT ask for any additional "Special" treatment

NOTE: If you don't qualify for one of our special discount offers DO NOT ask for it.

Example: If you don't bring a buddy, don't ask for the Bring-A-Buddy Discount, if you're not an honorably discharged veteran, don't ask for that discount either, if you do a stupidity surcharge may apply.

Exclusive 100% State Exam Pass Guarantee or retake the entire salesperson course as many times as needed on us for free (space permitting) for up to one year from your class graduation date. This will not re-certify your hours with the state extending the 1 year time restriction the state has to get your license.

If another school tells you they have a 100% state exam pass record for their students, Ask them to prove it by showing last month's report from PSI, the state testing agency. We just don't want you to rely on lies before making your decision.

FREE REFRESHER CLASSES - We allow students up to 6 months to complete the salesperson course and 1 year for the brokers class after your start date. Once a student completes the course they may retake it as many times they wish on us for FREE for up to 1 year from the original class start date.

VETERANS DISCOUNT - Career Path Academy is proud of our great country and those willing to protect and serve her. As our thanks, Career Path Academy is offering honorably discharged or active duty veterans discounted real estate licensing classes for only $275 including books. For Veterans discount info click here.

 Take your real estate licensing class with a friend

each will only pay $325.

Bring-A-Buddy Discount when you bring a friend and both sign up for and pay for the class together, you get to enjoy a price break off our already low prices. While most reputable schools are still charging $399+ for the NJ real estate license class, we're offering a new standard low price with further discounts for those who help us build our business. The discount will be enjoyed by you and all your buddies who sign up together, 2 buddies or 5 the same price applies. When you sign up for the class with a friend and pay at the same time in full before the first day of class for the same class all buddies only pay $325 each including books. Call to find out more 732-650-9911 

NOTE: If you don't Bring-A-Buddy, Don't ask for a discount.

SECOND CHANCE PROGRAM - STUDENT DISCOUNT Yes even if you originally decided to attend another school for whatever reason to get your real estate license and did so ( started it within the last 18 months) we'll show some pity on you and offer a second chance to retake the entire 75-hour class with us at a Deep Discount to help you get the skills and knowledge needed to pass your exam which the other school failed to do. We want you to be happy and help spread the good word about Career Path Academy, if you can make us that promise, we'll help you out. 

Fast Track Weekend Class

Take the weekend class and finish much faster with our fast track weekend class in just 5 weekends.



Cram for the Exam Review Classes

These review classes are open to anybody, no matter what school you took the licensing class with. This class comes with a Free Pizza Luch.







Career Path Academy Offers real estate license classes, specialty courses, continuing education and so much more and all for less... Real Estate Pre-Licensing, Sales-Person, Broker / Broker-Salesperson, and Licensed Real Estate Associates Continuing Education Real Estate CE Credit classes.

Call us 732-650-9911

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