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Note: Online exams $20 additional fee
will be charged when ready to take it.

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  • Zelle send to: 908-884-5757 (Victor Kaminski is name on account)
  • Paypal "Send": Send payment to victor @ or use this link
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We DO NOT offer Financing for our low $345 Tuition Fee
Contact Paypal Directly for their offerings

Sources below to get financing if needed for tuition, see their terms and conditions, we do not promote any, merely mentioning for informational purposes only since people ask:
Zelle, Paypal offer ways to collect money from friends and family members at no charge perhaps to help you in your new endeavor of a career in real estate. Keep in mind, school will not be your only expense as outlined elsewhere on this site. If  you cannot afford $345 price tag then perhaps you should wait. To get a good start in real estate to pay for school, state exam, fingerprinting, the license itself, realtor association dues, membership in one or more MLS's, E&O insurance, digital lockbox key access through a device or paid for app, business cards, postcards for marketing yourself, a website, etc. it's estimated you'll need $1,500-$2,000 to get a good start in real estate. There is no other industry where you can invest so little and have the potential of such a large return. We make as much if not more than attorney's who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in education as only one example.

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Before paying complete the enrollment form

Career Path Academy - Hero Discount Program
We appreciate those who go above and beyond and are rarely recognized for it but we noticed and offer special discounts to them. If you meet one of the following criteria then use the discounted price available below. ID will be required to get the discount otherwise student's account will not be in good standing until balance is paid or qualifying ID is produced.U.S. Veterans, Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, Fireman/woman, EMS/EMT, FEMA, NJ OEM or CERT, Homeland Security (including airports), Public & Charter School Teachers (NOT Higher ED)

Before paying complete the enrollment form

Broker Discounts only to be used when directed by school. Students who enroll using the codes below without school's prior approval will have an account that is NOT in good standing until the balance of the regular price is paid.