Price Match Guarantee


2022 Celebrating 15 Years in Business!
We NEVER raised our prices, we actually lowered them,
Forcing the education industry to lower their prices.
Ya gotta show us some love and support us for that.
Teaching Since 2007

Although we managed to lower industry prices of real estate education in New Jersey since we first opened our doors and charged less since 2007 and managed to keep our prices the same all these years.

Due to all the government-caused mandates, additional regulations, supply chain constraints, and inflation, unfortunately, it has driven up the cost of everything in our economy, our suppliers notified us on average they are raising their prices by 8-10% in January 2022, therefore we have no choice but to keep up with costs. 

and can no longer entertain, research and educate potential students on cheap deceptive practices of others they would like us to price match. 
If you value a good education, then look no further than our school. 
If our low tuition is too high, then you're not ready to get started in real estate. 
You'll need an estimated $1500-$2000 to get a good start which includes this tuition. 
We have seen imitators but none come close to what we offer. Besides, why get a cheap copy when you can have the groundbreakers. Our students love the way we teach far more, or so we've been told by every student who has been to other schools previously, and we offer oh so much more.
Other schools play games with ridiculous price offers, like those Groupon offers, unless they're filling a classroom with 100 students or nickel and diming you, there is no way they could stay in business. 

We have seen imitators but none come close. Besides, why get a cheap copy when you can have the original. Our students love the way we teach far more, or so we've been told by every student who has been to other schools previously.
Other schools play games with ridiculous price offers, like those groupon offers. They couldn't stay in business pay rent and instructors for what the coupon sites cut, so they set a low price then nickel and dime the services, playing word games.
We include with the class itself the print version or e-book in our tuition, certifying the hours with the state for a full year, we include additionally for free the slideshows we teach with, video recordings of those classes, sample quizzes, math how to study guide, 1 full year of free retakes of the class for review, 6 months of free retakes to certify your hours, and if you go over that time, we'll add another 6 months to certify the hours for an additional $100
We do believe in transparency, the only thing we charge separately for is the school exam since we use a 3rd party service for online exam delivery. But wait... We DO NOT place any limit on the number of attempts to retake the school exam and then require you to pay to retake the class before you can like other schools do. We charge $20 for 2 exam attempts with no limit on exam attempts!

We offer some discounts on the following but please see the main page for more details on particular programs before calling to find out more about these programs. It's all on the site:
  • Bring-A-Buddy
  • 2nd Chance 
  • Veterans 
  • Coast Guard & Auxiliary 
  • Licensed Agents from other states 
  • U.S. Border Patrol 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firemen and women
  • EMS / EMT / FEMA
  • NJ OEM or CERT 
  • Homeland Security
  • Public & Charter School Teachers (Not Higher ED)

Special Pricing May be available to brokers we have working relationships with, if you are a broker contact us for more information.

We won't be beaten or lose business to any competitor because of price. We have the best deals around and will beat any fly-by-night schools prices to ensure you get the best education around by matching or beating any competing school's prices. It is amazing how we haven't been around for 50 years but are now being imitated by many schools that may have. We opened in 2007

Please keep in mind this is our special offer, not a sign of desperation so don't call with an attitude making demands expecting to twist our arm until we say uncle, if you're convinced another school is better why call us, this is your education and you want the best not just the cheapest which is why I gather you're wanting us to match.

Remember it is ultimately up to us if we will match or not. Be honest and don't try to con us, we weren't born yesterday, just try to find a half as good a school out there with the products, schedules and inclusions, retake options, etc that get anywhere near our great prices.
pice match guarantee stamp

We'll match any competitors regular price!


Notice: We may be doing away with price matching altogether soon as too many schools play games with their pricing and do not offer anything near what we offer. Remember you get what you pay for. Don't be cheap with your education, it may cost you more time and money in the long run.

We estimate for students to get a decent start in the business they will need between $1200-$2000 including the school, licensing, E&O insurance, MLS membership, Realtor Associations (you'll be a member of 3), lockbox key software/service, and things like business cards, marketing materials, a website, etc. Amount needed may vary based on many factors we go over in class and is not needed all up front but we will discuss that "in class".
  1. Competitors' ads that feature a specific item for a specified price.
  2. Class product must be of "Like" kind and delivery method such as in class vs. online, New Jersey only allows in class licensing courses, although currently allows online classes temporarily due to covid-19.
  3. Like kind product also means you will only get what they offered for the same price. We realize many schools nickel and dime people with "creative" pricing offers. Most schools don't offer free retakes as an example so if we're price matching, you won't get all our regular goodies, only what the price match school offering was.
  4. Competitor School Must offer same type of class available such as weekend classes or 2 week class..
  5. We will match any local competitor's advertised regular price, not discounts, limited offers, etc. they are desperate and well you get what you pay for, good luck.
  6. Class purchased must be identical and not an expired or old offer.
  7. Competing school must be withing a 30 mile radius of ours, not 31 miles (check google maps), otherwise feel free to travel to them and waste your time and gas traveling to south jersey.
  8. Competing Schools must offer classes on or near the same dates as we do. We offer a flexible schedule with many more class dates than other schools, especially around the holidays and we reschedule classes less often than our competitors because we are willing to hold smaller classes.
  9. Ad must specify if books are included or if there are separate registration and book fees, charge extra for school exam MOST DO, and we don't even charge for retesting if needed.
  1. Schools which do not publicly post their prices or schedules.(What are they hiding, prove regular price)
  2. Any school more than 30 miles away from our location, that includes 31 miles. IF you would rather pay their price and travel to them we won't hold ya back. We often get students traveling from other states and all corners of the state because of our reputation and student performance.
  3. Competing Schools that do not offer classes on or near the same dates as we do. We offer a very flexible schedule most schools simply can't match and offer more class dates than others, especially around the holidays. Please don't ask for discounts from schools with multiple locations pointing our their closest alternate teaching location being within 30 miles to ours however they rarely teach there and/or have no scheduled classes there so won't match their pricing.
  4. Lets be honest, we offer the best schedules and pricing other schools try to imitate but can't pull it off and so will not honor their prices. We get a lot of negative feedback from students who come to us after attending other schools so know what the deal is with the "competition" so for some schools we just won't entertain a price match.
  5. Misprinted ad prices of competitors, we verify.
  6. Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined or confirmed.
  7. If asking for a price match and the other school does not offer the same convenient scheduling options like we do then no discount will be honored, you get what you pay for. Example: Competitor School does not offer weekend or 2 week day classes but we do.
  8. Prices from schools which require students to pay again and retake entire course if they fail school exam with them after two (2) attempts as an example. Often these schools have many students who don't pass and require the course again due to poor teaching practices. (We know which schools but don't sling mud.)
  9. Walk-in student registrations will not receive price matching. Only advanced registrations accompanied by proof of competitors publicly displayed ad which can be confirmed for accuracy.
  10. Deceptive Groupon offers with additional fees for the book, school exam, certifying hours with state, requirements to retake class before another exam attempt and all for extra separate fees are some examples.
  11. Schools running "recruitment" class specials, we know of schools tied to brokerages that unethically run extremely low prices on occasion to use as a recruiting tool. We won't get involved in these types of unethical and often illegal or bordering illegal practices, it's just not our style, we have more integrity than that. Those classes are often run on offbeat schedules, take long to complete and are not focused on providing the best education. These types of sponsored classes are not a regular price because it is being subsidized by their brokerage and while rare, they do exist.
  12. Ads that are not made public, if we can't find it or you cannot show it to us. If ad is emailed just forward it to us (don't print it) along with your completed registration form.
  13. Prices that not including books vs our pricing which includes books (let's compare apples to apples here)
  14. Discounts may not be honored in classes with low enrollment (less than 8 students). Other schools would simply cancel the course, we however will conduct some low enrollment classes but not at discount prices as we wouldn't be able to cover our costs. If that's the case you'd have to wait until the next class with larger enrollment to enjoy the discount.
  15. Price Matching will be determined solely by Career Path Academy at it's own discretion and may not honor pricing which we deem questionable, subsidized by a brokerage or other factors which effect pricing not deemed to be standard practice by stand alone real estate schools.

price match guarantee