Reinstatement of License info

If you let your real estate license go inactive because you failed to renew your license, it will remain in an inactive status for a full license term (2 years) and after that it will expire and you will not be able to reactivate without going back to school and starting all over from scratch. REC License renewal notice 

Learn how to reinstate your license

To Reactivate an Unrenewed New Jersey Real Estate License

  • First you MUST complete 12 hours of CE - continuing education classes for license renewal which you can take with our school CE Live in person or online at you can find out more about CE requirements here. In order to qualify for the renewal or reinstatement of an unrenewed license, REALTORS® must complete 12 hours of CE by June 30 odd years. However, it is important to note that the New Jersey Real Estate Commission could enact a $200 fine for licensees who haven't completed their CE requirements by April 30

  • IF changing license type from a "Referral Agent" to a "Salesperson" or "Broker-Salesperson" you also have to take an additional 12 hours of CE courses before you can change over the license type. HOWEVER depending on how long you have had a referral agents license type there may be additional requirements. Please read the following information from the REC

  • Those licensed as "Referral agents" who allowed their licenses to go inactive are not required to complete continuing education courses but, upon initial licensure, reinstatement or renewal, their brokers are required to review with them the restrictions imposed by law upon the brokerage activities of referral agents and to certify to the Commission that they have done so. 
    • Here is the latest update from the NJ REC about leaving your license as a referral agent for too long can result in having to take another exam or class before you can begin working in real estate in the future IF your license is as a referral agent. Quality Relo hangs licenses as either salesperson or referral agent so you need to know your own status by searching the rec database for status. Referral Agent Rules About Changing License Type IF Being a Referral Agent for Too Long

  • Next  you will need to login and answer the qualifying questions before your broker can attempt to grab your license back to reinstate it from the state in their back office license management system if the license was not inactive or expired more than 2 years ago.You MUST answer these questions to renew your license
    • If you need to lookup your license number you can do that by searching your name in the REC licensing database. Please note to enter your last name first followed by a comma "," then first name with no spaces or no results will be returned. SEARCH NJ REC LICENSEE DATABASE

  • Next you need to reinstate your license by filling out this form and paying appropriate fee $150 or $250 depending on the license type. NOTE that recent updates on the Broker of Record license management system no form may be needed to reinstate as the broker may be able to do this online unless it expired more than 2 years ago then you must use the forms below however you may not be able to renew depending on your situation which you should discuss directly with the NJ Real Estate Commission.
  • Remember ALL licenses expire and are up for renewal by June 30th of odd numbered years. NOTE: only your broker can renew your license.
  • Don't forget once reinstated the Licensing Law REQUIRES all licensees to carry their licenses with them when conducting business. 

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