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posted Oct 4, 2011, 4:00 PM by Career Path Academy   [ updated Jul 14, 2021, 6:53 PM ]

Make sure any school you plan to attend in-class or online is approved by the New Jersey real estate commission (REC) for pre-licensing and (CE) continuing education otherwise you may be wasting your money and your time.

New Jersey does not allow initial licensing courses online, only in class so be aware.
Currently they do temporarily due to covid. Be aware it is a licensed school with the NJ REC

Career Path Academy has some of the most affordable courses for real estate education around. We are very competitive in our pricing and adhere to highest education standards.

That being said find it interesting we have had many rude people calling lately saying they've seen the classes elsewhere for $150!!!

Wake up, you get what you pay for. I highly doubt these courses are being offered by approved and licensed schools and if they are, use your common sense and ask how they can deliver the a superior education to you while paying teachers well below minimum wage based on those fees? Also if the class is online, it's called "Professional Development" and has nothing to do with pre-licensure or continuing education credits.

First bit of advice don't be rude, we reserve the right to turn away jerks from enrolling. Don't be cheap about your education or your career. To get started in the industry including school costs potential agents should have $1200 to $1500 to get started, that's pretty cheap for starting a new career. If you're ready to get your New Jersey real estate salesperson license or upgrade to a brokers license we will gladly accept and help you but don't ask for ridiculous discounts or financing in addition to our already low prices, periodic specials or current product offerings.

Keep in mind that some lesser schools try to compete by cutting corners, some do it out of desperation others by breaking rules which can harm you in the end. We've heard that some schools are  offering salesperson courses for less than what it costs to pay the instructors their regular pay, needless to say if that is true, the instructors won't be very motivated teaching these classes, worse yet they may not care much if you pass or fail. Something we guarantee with our iron clad free course retake offer.

Career Path Academy is different, we offer more classes in our schedules and we post them for all to see online unlike others. All our courses are designed to be the fastest without cutting corners or shaving off state mandated  hours from the course which may effect your ability to get your license or stand as reason to have it revoked at a later time and face stiff fines. We don't cut those corners yet offer some of the best prices around and we will do our best to ensure you pass not only the school but your state exam. See our student review videos to find out what some of our students have to say about us.

Some real estate agencies opened their own schools once continuing education became a requirement in New Jersey in hopes they'd get rich quick. We can guarantee many will not be around long. In the last year well over 100, possibly 200 new schools have opened in New Jersey due to continuing education illusion of fortune in these brokers eyes while others just use their schools as their own personal recruiting tool, NOT very ethical and neither of which will be very helpful to you. If they have an agency they're not suppose to talk about it per real estate commission rules. We've heard from instructors as well as students tell us that despite REC rules, these schools spend a lot of time in class trying to recruit heavily instead of concentrating on teaching you properly to succeed.
  • Do you want to work for an unethical agency recruiting thru an unethical school?
  • Do you want to learn how to pass the exam or pay to be a target for a recruitment plan?
Our suggestion is concentrate on your studies get your license then interview agencies once you're knowledgeable enough to know what to ask.

Our brokers courses are the fastest part time classes available without cutting corners or REQUIRED hours. Our courses are faster than most full time courses others offer, it's all in the scheduling. Career Path Academy real estate school courses allow you to complete your real estate broker or salesperson education requirement in the fastest way possible without cutting corners and robbing you of a quality education.

We've heard others trying to convince potential students their classes are faster, I'd worry more worry about what they're NOT telling you.

Career Path Academy takes great care in creating schedules ensuring adherence to REC (real estate commission) requirements yet does not restrict the student. With the other guys, miss a class and you're done, you won't have enough classroom hours to get your license. WHOOPS!!!

Career Path Academy's courses are Guaranteed.
If you don't pass the state exam, you can retake the course with us FREE within 1 year of completion.

Career Path Academy is different from other real estate schools because we care what happens to you AFTER you pay for the class. We will do our best to ensure you pass the state exam as long as you are willing to do your part and study as we advise.

Any schools claiming their part time classes are quicker are lying or cutting corners, neither helpful to you.
If you miss a single day OR come in an hour late even in case of emergency you won't meet state mandated hours in class requirement and come test time you won't have as much instruction covering all the materials because too much class time was cut out of the course you paid good money for. You just got robbed!
Oh... by the way, our classes cost less than most other schools.

A lesser school will use tricks such as cutting hours, the state requires you complete 80% of the mandatory hours prescribed by state law for licensure, a salesperson class requires 75 hours, brokers licensing class requires 3 module courses totaling 150 hours to become broker.

The trick, instead of attending a 75 hour salesperson class you will attend only 60 in a brokers course instead of attending 150 hours of instruction you will attend 120, this only cheats the students of 30 hours class instruction you will need. They usually won't tell you about that part. In these cases if you miss one class or one hour you won't meet the legal requirements for licensure without committing fraud, an offense that can cause your license to be revoked if ever discovered, still think it's worth the risk?

So why cut corners and get stressed out to shave a 1 or 2 days off the course again? Is it worth it?

UNLIKE "Competing Schools", We Have...
nj real estate license class $345

  • NO Separate Registration fees
  • NO Testing Fees
  • NO Separate Book Fees, included in tuition
  • NO illegal high pressure recruiting in class
  • NO cutting corners delivering required class time
  • Our price includes Everything you'll need to complete the class
Career Path Academy has the best prices around and most flexible schedules with the best instructors available, period. Be wary of schools offering ridiculously low prices, they are either PACKED with too many students in order to make enough to pay their instructors or play games by charging additional registration fees and add in extra separate charges for books, etc.

Call Career Path Academy
732-650-9911 Ext. 306

We have programs the others simply don't offer!!!

Don't settle for those cheap carbon copy schools.
We're simply the best New Jersey Real Estate school around period.
We Guarantee it...

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