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Education Prerequisite FAQ

We have been receiving quite a few questions lately about the high school education or equivalency requirements from those coming from other countries.

The (REC) Real Estate Commission rules are clear, a high school education or equivalency diploma is required.

  1. Do I have to show proof a High School Diploma, G.E.D. in order to take the class, exam or get my license? No, However you may be asked for it at any time if it comes into question, you will just be asked to sign an affirmation of these facts to be true, in other words giving your word. If later it is found you were lying, you may be fined, have your licensed revoked and possibly face prosecution.
  2. If I am came from another country, do still need a high school education? Yes, the fact that you came from another country makes no difference. Some people may say, the country I come from is corrupt and you can buy a diploma so should it still count? Well the REC assumes that you are an honest and trustworthy person suitable to give a license to unless they have question not to and should they find you to be untrustworthy or lying about anything in connection with obtaining your license, it may be revoked at any time, even years later after working as an agent once the truth comes out.
If coming from another country and you have the need to show proof of high school graduation or the equivalent, the same process would be adhered to as if you were applying for entrance into any college requesting education transcripts from another country.

Educational Credential Evaluators are used to assist in proving your education from other another country.

Here are a few approved credit evaluation services that can assist you should this ever come into question. It rarely does and should not become a question if you have been honest should have nothing to worry about.


We have been getting many questions on this topic lately, people want to know if they can avoid taking the 75 hour prelicensing class for one reason or another so here are the requirements on who can be exempt from the class.

Either way, taking and passing the real estate exam takes quite a bit of knowledge which our class can prepare you for. While nothing here is rocket science, there is a lot of information to take it, I like to liken it to learning a new language, the language of real estate, so some study is required and it is more than just having in the hours.

See our website for class schedules, the registration form and schedules can be located here

The law which establishes the requirement for licensure as a New Jersey real estate salesperson provides: “...As a prerequisite to admission to an examination, every individual applicant for licensure as a real estate salesperson shall give evidence of satisfactory completion of 75 hours in the aggregate of such courses of education in real estate subjects at a school licensed by the Commission as the Commission shall by regulation prescribe. At least three hours of that course of study shall be on the subjects of ethics and ethical conduct in the profession of a real estate salesperson.” 

N.J.S.A. 45:15-10.1. N.J.S.A. 45:15-10.2 and N.J.S.A. 11:5-2.1(e) provide for the waiving of this requirement in the following cases: 

  1. Salesperson who have earned a college degree from any accredited institution of higher education, provided that: 
    1. The total number of college level classroom hours devoted to real estate and related subjects was 75 or more and such courses were completed within three (3) years of making application; or 
    2. The applicant received a bachelor or associate degree in real estate regardless of how long prior to their application for a waiver they received that degree: or 
    3. The applicant satisfactorily completed 75 or more classroom hours of course work in real estate or related subjects, at least 45 hours of which consisted of instruction on real estate conducted as part of a post-graduate program and that such post-graduate studies were completed within three (3) years of making application. 

  2. Salesperson who hold or held a real estate license issued by another State, provided that: 
    1. The applicant has satisfactorily completed a prelicensure course of real estate education at a proprietary school, college or university in that State; 
    2. The prelicensure course was sanctioned by the real estate licensing authority of that State; 
    3. The total number of classroom hours included in the course was 75 or more; 
    4. The applicant qualified for licensure in that State by examination; and 
    5. The applicant was actively license in that State within three (3) years of applying for the waiver 

  3. Brokers who have held a real estate broker’s license issued by another State and who were actively engaged in the real estate brokerage business within three years immediately preceding the date of application; 
  4. A NJ real estate broker who previously held a license and whose last license expired more than two (2) years ago, but less than five (5) years prior to application. 
  5. Attorneys-at-law admitted to practice in NJ or in any other State, at the time of making application; 
  6. In addition, if you are an honorably discharged disabled veteran and a citizen of NJ and have completed at least 75 hours of study in real estate at an accredited college or university for credit, you will qualify for both an initial and renewal license fee waiver. See N.J.S.A. 45:15-11 and N.J.S.A. 11:5-2.1(a). 

Here is a direct link to the R.E.C. waiver form: 

All other REC application and waiver forms can be found on their forms page here:

If you have any questions pertaining to this topic not already addressed on this page or find any mistakes, let us know so we can correct or add the info.

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