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NJ Brokers License Courses

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This class will earn you all required CE credits for this licensing period.

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(books and school exam included in price):Registration requires $200 deposit
(if cancelled with less than 48 hour notice deposit is non-refundable but a credit will be given for 3 months) 
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Benefits of a Brokers License 

 Best Price
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All 3 Class Modules

Broker Complete (the full 150 hour course) 
($125 savings includes Books & Materials)
Prices reflect full course discount
  • 90 Hour Broker Core Class - $445
  • 30 Hour Ethics/Agency Class - $225 
  • 30 Hour Office Management - $225 

 Individual Class Prices
(Individual Class Purchase Pricing)

  • 90 Hour Broker Core Class - $500
  • 30 Hour Ethics/Agency Class - $260 (Prerequisite 90 Hour Core)
  • 30 Hour Office Management - $260 

No discount when purchasing classes separately

(2) - 30 Hour Class Bundle
(30 Hour Bundle Discount Price)
  • Buy Both 30 Hour Classes Together - $500
Bundle Pricing Only for Advanced Payment


Flex Payment Plan For Entire 150 Hr Course

“2 Pay Flex plan"   
2 monthly payments of $495
Total $990

“3 Pay Flex plan" 

 monthly payments of $333
Total $999

Real Estate Class discounts for Veterans and their Spouses
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Use Coupon Code VET-750 this class will cost Vets $750 
No discount when purchasing each class separately.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

Students using waivers responsible for obtaining them

Must have them BEFORE 1st day of class.

Broker Experience & Education Waiver Application Form

Why Pay More For Less?

UNLIKE so-called "Competing Schools", We Have...
  • NO Separate Registration fees
  • NO Testing Fees
  • NO Separate Book Fees, included in tuition
  • NO illegal high pressure recruiting in class
  • NO cutting corners delivering required class time
  • Our price includes Everything you'll need to complete the class


  • 18 years of age
  • High school education or the equivalent - Additional Education Q&A info
  • 3 years full-time experience as a licensed salesperson prior to taking the State Exam Broker Exam or out of state brokers who have held a brokers license for the immediate 3 years prior to application.
  • Complete approved courses totaling 150 hours
  • Pass state examination
  • U.S. citizenship or legal alien status 
    New Jersey residency is not required
Link to NJ Real Estate Commission website for Broker Licensing Requirements

Our brokers course is the fastest part time brokers course available. It is faster than most full time courses many schools offer. We've heard other schools are trying to convince students their classes are faster, what you need to worry about is what they're cutting out.

Career Path Academy takes great care in creating our schedules to ensure adherence to REC requirements yet doesn't restrict the students. Our courses are also guaranteed, if you don't pass the state exam, you can retake the course with us FREE within 1 year of completion. Career Path Academy is different from other real estate schools because we care what happens to you AFTER you pay for the course. We will do our best to ensure you pass the state exam as long as you are willing to do your part and study as we recommend.

Any schools claiming their part time classes quicker are either lying to get you enrolled or are cutting corners which won't help you if you ever need to miss a single day or come test time because too much class time was cut out of the course you paid good money for, Oh... we also cost less than those guys!

Tricks lesser schools use is cutting the hours of the class. The state requires you complete 80% of each of the 3 module courses to become broker. The core class is 90 hours, the other guys cut the class down by 20% to 72 hours, this means you better not be late to one class or miss a single day or you won't meet minimum class hour requirements the real estate commissions has to become a broker.

So why cut corners and get stressed out to shave a 1 or 2 days off the course again? Is it worth it?

The experience requirement for licensure as a broker requires the applicant to demonstrate a commitment to real estate brokerage as their primary vocation, as evidenced by their involvement in the real estate brokerage business on a full-time basis. Applicants must have been continually licensed and employed as a real estate salesperson during the three years immediately preceding their application. To demonstrate full-time employment the applicant must show that they have worked as a salesperson under the authority of a broker for at least 40 hours per week during the hours of approximately 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. during any five days of each week. If the applicant was employed in any other occupation during the three year period, such other employment must not have exceeded 25 hours per week.

A broker license candidate must first successfully complete courses of study in real estate consisting of a minimum of 150 hours. The 150 hours shall be completed by first taking a 90 hour general real estate broker course. After completing the 90 hour course, candidates must successfully complete a 30 hour course on brokers' ethics and agency law and relationships, and a second 30 hour course on office management and related topics. All three courses of instruction must be completed within a period of two years.