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NJ Real Estate Licensed instructors wanted

Get a NJ Real Estate License Online?

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Can I get a New Jersey real estate license online?

No You Cannot...

Any NJ school offering licensing online is lying to you and just not legitimate, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Don't trust us check with the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, they are a division of the NJ Dept. of banking and insurance aka DOBI and manage all licenses and oversee licensee activities.

In order to get a real estate license in NJ, it is called a "salespersons" license, broker licenses are for those who have served as full time salespersons for 3 years or longer then must take another course and exam but to get started you will need to take the salespersons pre-licensing course.

The state of New Jersey does not currently allow licensing classes online or by correspondence courses. You must complete the required 75 hour pre-licensing course in person instructor led class and once you take the course you'll understand why.

New Jersey is the most restricted state in the land aka in the United States with more rules, regulation and restrictions you must know and understand not only to get your license but to stay out of trouble and know and understand how not to violate someone's rights or the law. Some things that may be legal in other states are not in New Jersey.

We get people who are licensed real estate agents in other states come to take our classes all the time due in part because we offer those already with licenses in other states to take the course with us at deep discounts, it's great for a refresher, test prep and of course an introduction to the maze of New Jersey laws.

Go to our class calendar page to see our class schedules and fill out the enrollment form there to join one of our salesperson licensing classes.

Salesperson Education Waivers

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We have been getting many questions on this topic lately, people want to know if they can avoid taking the 75 hour prelicensing class for one reason or another so here are the requirements on who can be exempt from the class.

Either way, taking and passing the real estate exam takes quite a bit of knowledge which our class can prepare you for. While nothing here is rocket science, there is a lot of information to take it, I like to liken it to learning a new language, the language of real estate, so some study is required and it is more than just having in the hours.

See our website for class schedules, the registration form and schedules can be located here

The law which establishes the requirement for licensure as a New Jersey real estate salesperson provides: “...As a prerequisite to admission to an examination, every individual applicant for licensure as a real estate salesperson shall give evidence of satisfactory completion of 75 hours in the aggregate of such courses of education in real estate subjects at a school licensed by the Commission as the Commission shall by regulation prescribe. At least three hours of that course of study shall be on the subjects of ethics and ethical conduct in the profession of a real estate salesperson.” 

N.J.S.A. 45:15-10.1. N.J.S.A. 45:15-10.2 and N.J.S.A. 11:5-2.1(e) provide for the waiving of this requirement in the following cases: 

  1. Salesperson who have earned a college degree from any accredited institution of higher education, provided that: 
    1. The total number of college level classroom hours devoted to real estate and related subjects was 75 or more and such courses were completed within three (3) years of making application; or 
    2. The applicant received a bachelor or associate degree in real estate regardless of how long prior to their application for a waiver they received that degree: or 
    3. The applicant satisfactorily completed 75 or more classroom hours of course work in real estate or related subjects, at least 45 hours of which consisted of instruction on real estate conducted as part of a post-graduate program and that such post-graduate studies were completed within three (3) years of making application. 

  2. Salesperson who hold or held a real estate license issued by another State, provided that: 
    1. The applicant has satisfactorily completed a prelicensure course of real estate education at a proprietary school, college or university in that State; 
    2. The prelicensure course was sanctioned by the real estate licensing authority of that State; 
    3. The total number of classroom hours included in the course was 75 or more; 
    4. The applicant qualified for licensure in that State by examination; and 
    5. The applicant was actively license in that State within three (3) years of applying for the waiver 

  3. Brokers who have held a real estate broker’s license issued by another State and who were actively engaged in the real estate brokerage business within three years immediately preceding the date of application; 
  4. A NJ real estate broker who previously held a license and whose last license expired more than two (2) years ago, but less than five (5) years prior to application. 
  5. Attorneys-at-law admitted to practice in NJ or in any other State, at the time of making application; 
  6. In addition, if you are an honorably discharged disabled veteran and a citizen of NJ and have completed at least 75 hours of study in real estate at an accredited college or university for credit, you will qualify for both an initial and renewal license fee waiver. See N.J.S.A. 45:15-11 and N.J.S.A. 11:5-2.1(a). 

Here is a direct link to the R.E.C. waiver form: 

All other REC application and waiver forms can be found on their forms page here:

CE Deadline Extended

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The deadline to complete ce training without penalty has been extended.

The April 30 Continuing Education deadline was extended until May 31 by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission (REC) at their regular meeting 4/23/13. The vote extends the early deadline to May 31 for real estate brokers, broker-salespersons and salespersons to complete continuing education requirements without incurring a $200 processing fee.
Every individual licensed as a broker, broker-salesperson or salesperson must complete 12 hours of CE before July 1, 2013 to renew a license or to reinstate an unrenewed license. In order to avoid the $200 processing fee, all CE credits must be completed by May 31. Those who do not complete their CE requirement before May 31 must pay the $200 "processing fee" as well as complete the 12 hours of classes before they can relicense.

Don't wait until the last minute, take your CE training classes now.

Do you know anyone else needing CE credits yet? Bring them along as well.


CE Credits for Licensing Class

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Real Estate licensing classes will not always satisfy your
"CE" Continuing Education licensing requirement.

continuing education questions and answers
If you recently took a real estate licensing course at our school or any other school in New Jersey you may find yourself unable to renew your license without taking additional classes. If you find yourself asking do I need to take ce classes if I just took a real estate licensing course here is your answer.

The new real estate licensing laws state that any student completing a salesperson's course prior to June 30th in even numbered years would still be required to take additional CE or Continuing Education classes to meet the 12 hour CE license renewal requirement.

Anyone who has completed a brokers course any time between licensing periods would have satisfied the full 12 hour CE course requirement.

Salesperson classes completed after June 30th in even numbered years will count toward your full 12 hour continuing education licensing requirement for the current licensing period and there is nothing more you need to do except ensure your credits have been applied to your license by the school where you took your class. 

Important Notice: Students who complete the salesperson class between June 30th in odd numbered years to June 30th in even numbered years will NOT get credit and will still have to take "CE" Continuing Education classes in order to renew their licenses.

Where can I take a CE class?
take real estate ce class online from home
Meet your full 12 hour real estate CE class credit requirement by taking class at home  online whenever you'd like, in the middle of the night at home in your pj's at anytime for as little as $89 at


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Make sure any school you plan to attend in-class or online is approved by the New Jersey real estate commission (REC) for pre-licensing and (CE) continuing education otherwise you may be wasting your money and your time.

New Jersey does not allow initial licensing courses online, only in class so be aware.
Currently they do temporarily due to covid. Be aware it is a licensed school with the NJ REC

Career Path Academy has some of the most affordable courses for real estate education around. We are very competitive in our pricing and adhere to highest education standards.

That being said find it interesting we have had many rude people calling lately saying they've seen the classes elsewhere for $150!!!

Wake up, you get what you pay for. I highly doubt these courses are being offered by approved and licensed schools and if they are, use your common sense and ask how they can deliver the a superior education to you while paying teachers well below minimum wage based on those fees? Also if the class is online, it's called "Professional Development" and has nothing to do with pre-licensure or continuing education credits.

First bit of advice don't be rude, we reserve the right to turn away jerks from enrolling. Don't be cheap about your education or your career. To get started in the industry including school costs potential agents should have $1200 to $1500 to get started, that's pretty cheap for starting a new career. If you're ready to get your New Jersey real estate salesperson license or upgrade to a brokers license we will gladly accept and help you but don't ask for ridiculous discounts or financing in addition to our already low prices, periodic specials or current product offerings.

Keep in mind that some lesser schools try to compete by cutting corners, some do it out of desperation others by breaking rules which can harm you in the end. We've heard that some schools are  offering salesperson courses for less than what it costs to pay the instructors their regular pay, needless to say if that is true, the instructors won't be very motivated teaching these classes, worse yet they may not care much if you pass or fail. Something we guarantee with our iron clad free course retake offer.

Career Path Academy is different, we offer more classes in our schedules and we post them for all to see online unlike others. All our courses are designed to be the fastest without cutting corners or shaving off state mandated  hours from the course which may effect your ability to get your license or stand as reason to have it revoked at a later time and face stiff fines. We don't cut those corners yet offer some of the best prices around and we will do our best to ensure you pass not only the school but your state exam. See our student review videos to find out what some of our students have to say about us.

Some real estate agencies opened their own schools once continuing education became a requirement in New Jersey in hopes they'd get rich quick. We can guarantee many will not be around long. In the last year well over 100, possibly 200 new schools have opened in New Jersey due to continuing education illusion of fortune in these brokers eyes while others just use their schools as their own personal recruiting tool, NOT very ethical and neither of which will be very helpful to you. If they have an agency they're not suppose to talk about it per real estate commission rules. We've heard from instructors as well as students tell us that despite REC rules, these schools spend a lot of time in class trying to recruit heavily instead of concentrating on teaching you properly to succeed.
  • Do you want to work for an unethical agency recruiting thru an unethical school?
  • Do you want to learn how to pass the exam or pay to be a target for a recruitment plan?
Our suggestion is concentrate on your studies get your license then interview agencies once you're knowledgeable enough to know what to ask.

Our brokers courses are the fastest part time classes available without cutting corners or REQUIRED hours. Our courses are faster than most full time courses others offer, it's all in the scheduling. Career Path Academy real estate school courses allow you to complete your real estate broker or salesperson education requirement in the fastest way possible without cutting corners and robbing you of a quality education.

We've heard others trying to convince potential students their classes are faster, I'd worry more worry about what they're NOT telling you.

Career Path Academy takes great care in creating schedules ensuring adherence to REC (real estate commission) requirements yet does not restrict the student. With the other guys, miss a class and you're done, you won't have enough classroom hours to get your license. WHOOPS!!!

Career Path Academy's courses are Guaranteed.
If you don't pass the state exam, you can retake the course with us FREE within 1 year of completion.

Career Path Academy is different from other real estate schools because we care what happens to you AFTER you pay for the class. We will do our best to ensure you pass the state exam as long as you are willing to do your part and study as we advise.

Any schools claiming their part time classes are quicker are lying or cutting corners, neither helpful to you.
If you miss a single day OR come in an hour late even in case of emergency you won't meet state mandated hours in class requirement and come test time you won't have as much instruction covering all the materials because too much class time was cut out of the course you paid good money for. You just got robbed!
Oh... by the way, our classes cost less than most other schools.

A lesser school will use tricks such as cutting hours, the state requires you complete 80% of the mandatory hours prescribed by state law for licensure, a salesperson class requires 75 hours, brokers licensing class requires 3 module courses totaling 150 hours to become broker.

The trick, instead of attending a 75 hour salesperson class you will attend only 60 in a brokers course instead of attending 150 hours of instruction you will attend 120, this only cheats the students of 30 hours class instruction you will need. They usually won't tell you about that part. In these cases if you miss one class or one hour you won't meet the legal requirements for licensure without committing fraud, an offense that can cause your license to be revoked if ever discovered, still think it's worth the risk?

So why cut corners and get stressed out to shave a 1 or 2 days off the course again? Is it worth it?

UNLIKE "Competing Schools", We Have...
nj real estate license class $345

  • NO Separate Registration fees
  • NO Testing Fees
  • NO Separate Book Fees, included in tuition
  • NO illegal high pressure recruiting in class
  • NO cutting corners delivering required class time
  • Our price includes Everything you'll need to complete the class
Career Path Academy has the best prices around and most flexible schedules with the best instructors available, period. Be wary of schools offering ridiculously low prices, they are either PACKED with too many students in order to make enough to pay their instructors or play games by charging additional registration fees and add in extra separate charges for books, etc.

Call Career Path Academy
732-650-9911 Ext. 306

We have programs the others simply don't offer!!!

Don't settle for those cheap carbon copy schools.
We're simply the best New Jersey Real Estate school around period.
We Guarantee it...

Check out our Specials and Real Estate License Course Offerings

Career Path Academy Announces Veteran Discounts

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Career Path Academy is proud of our great country and believes the United States of America is the Greatest Nation in the world and is unapologetic about it unlike some of our politicians these days. We're even more proud of those patriots willing to serve and protect her in our armed forces. As a show of our appreciation and thanks, Career Path Academy is offering honorably discharged veterans
or active-duty members discounted real estate licensing and broker licensing courses.

NJ Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Course - $275 including books
use discount coupon code

Coast Guard & Auxiliary Coast Guard discount price $300 using discount coupon code CGUARD300 evidence of service is required.

NJ 150 Hour Real Estate Broker Course - $850 Special VET Pricing 
(Discount only applies when registering and paying for all 3 broker licensing course modules at the same time with Career Path Academy. use discount coupon code

We are also extending this special courtesy veteran discount pricing to the current spouses of Veterans who have stood by and support(ed) their loved ones during their time of service to the country.

Veterans and their spouses must enter coupon codes on the registration form and you MUST present your military service id before the first day of class. Discounts will not be retroactive to the offering of this new benefit. We are reaching out to the Veterans administration to possibly have all our courses covered by your GI Bill in the future.

Acceptable Proof of Service (Only one is required)
DD-214 or Current Military ID Cards Only, Expired Cards will Not be accepted.

  • DD-214
  • CAT Card
  • Veterans ID Card
  • Veterans Dependent Card for Spouses (Green Card)

Offers cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons and may be modified, changed or canceled at any time without notice.


posted Aug 27, 2011, 5:48 AM by Career Path Academy   [ updated Aug 30, 2011, 11:01 AM ]


Governor Christie has ordered Mandatory evacuations of some low lying areas which may effect some of our students. We don't want you traveling in potential bad weather either therefore classes this weekend are canceled and will be rescheduled.

We will notify all students to discuss most convenient time to makeup the class for them before rescheduling it. We'll work out with the students the most convenient schedule for them as next weekend is the holiday so you'll be given the option to have class them or the following weekend for makeup.



Live New Jersey Traffic Cams

NJ 2-1-1 - New Jersey's Toll-Free Helpline:
Pet Preparedness
Preparedness information:
 image of elevated security alert level and link to information on alert levels on the US Department of Homeland Security Web site 

NJ Homeland Security Website


Costal Evacuation Maps by county


A satellite image of Hurricane Irene on August 25.

"Turn Around, Don't Drown." NEVER attempt to cross floodwater, whether on foot, by swimming, or in a car or SUV. Remember: Just six inches of fast-moving floodwater can knock you off your feet. Two feet of water can sweep an SUV off the road.

Forecasts & Weather/Flood Info
National Hurricane Center:
National Weather Service Mt. Holly:
NWS NY for NE NJ Counties:
Flood Info:

NJ Travel Info
NJ Transit:
Turnpike Authority:
Port Authority:

Other State Departments/Agencies
Department of Health and Senior Services:
Department of Environmental Protection:

Weekend Classes

posted Jul 28, 2011, 3:46 PM by Career Path Academy   [ updated Jun 6, 2012, 10:59 AM ]

We're the ONLY New Jersey real estate school Offering Weekend Classes Like this!

At least we haven't seen any other schools offering two day weekend classes, we haven't seen a Sunday class out there, let us know if you have.

With Career Path Academy weekend real estate classes you can be done in only 5 weekends!!!!
This is unheard of in the NJ real estate education industry.

Get Your Real Estate License by attending Saturday and Sunday real estate classes from 9:am-4:30 pm and be finished in only 5 weekends at a great low price to boot.

732-650-9911 Ext. 306
Download Enrollment Form & Fax or Call Us to Reserve Your Seat.

See Our Class Schedules

UNLIKE Competing Schools, We Have...
  • NO Separate Registration fees
  • NO Testing Fees
  • NO Separate Book Fees
  • Our price includes Everything you'll need to complete class

Bring A Buddy Discount

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Another Career Path Academy Exclusive Offer
Bring a Buddy real estate licensing class discount pay only $300

Bring a Buddy or two and both of you get a discount from our normal tuition price. We'll also want you to add us to your fav's

When you bring a friend and both sign up for and pay for class together, you get to enjoy a price break off our already low prices. While most reputable schools are still charging $399+ for the NJ real estate license class, we're offering a new standard low price with further discounts for those who help us build our business. The discount will be enjoyed by you and all your buddies who sign up together, 2 buddies or 5 the same price applies. When you sign up for class with a friend and pay at the same time in full before the first day of class for the same class all buddies only pay $300 each including books. Call to find out more 732-650-9911
NOTE: If you don't Bring-A-Buddy, Don't ask for the discount.

Good for any of our New Jersey real estate salesperson licensing classes with a buddy, you and your friend(s) send in registration form and payment before the first day of class and register to take the same class together and both students will enjoy the discount.

Discounts will not be given retroactively or for last minute walk-ins. Both students must check the Bring A Buddy discount on the registration form and add their friends name to receive the discount. To avoid dishonesty you cannot add a friend to your registration form later. 

Students who meet in our lobby will not be honored this discount, so don't try taking that route.You need to register in advance for this discount before the first day of class. NO Last minute registrations can use the Bring-A-Buddy discount.

When you sign up for class with a friend and pay at the same time in full before the first day of class for the same class all the buddies signing up together only pay a $300 tuition each including books, registration and school exam.
Call to find out more 732-650-9911 Ext.306
download our registration form to registered today.



NOTE: Pricing is for real estate salesperson licensing classes and book only.

UNLIKE Competing Schools, We Have...
  • NO Separate Registration fees
  • NO Testing Fees
  • NO Separate Book Fees
  • Our price includes Everything you'll need to complete class

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