New Jersey Real Estate Broker Class Final Examination
For Career Path Academy students ONLY!

We HOPE you studied and paid attention in class.
We don't encourage trying to "wing-it", the state exam proctored by PSI is more difficult in their wording of the same content and how they restructured their exams. If you can't pass this one, you won't pass the state.

Please read through this page until you get to the exam portion
  1. This is the final exam for the 90 hour broker class module.
  2. You must have completed this module with a minimum 80% attendance rate for us to certify your hours and exam with the state.
  3. This exam must be passed with a minimum score of 70% after completing the 90 hour core class module but within 6 months of your start date for that class. (some students do not take all 3 classes with us and the 90 hour core class is the last in succession before the final exam is given.
  4. Before we enter you in the testing system to be able to begin this exam, you must have registered and paid for the brokers 90 hour core class exam, we will verify you have both registered and paid before you can take the school exam.
  5. Before we process your exam results to issue a completion certificate for this module, we must be able to verify your attendance hours through various attendance records via online zoom, in-person or instructor attendance records. This completion certificate will be needed as part of your licensing package you will send to the state.
  6. If we sent you the link to begin your exam, you may begin at any time by entering your registration info that must match our records.
  7. This is a timed exam (4 hours) if the window closes prematurely and you cannot resume the exam, contact the school. We can create a one time resume exam link.
  8. If you fail the exam twice, you do not need to re-register to take the school exam again, only make the payment again for two more attempts and notify us that you have paid again and want to retake. We will need to remove the security lock from your file before the exam will be available for you to begin.
  9. It may take the school several days after passing the exam to verify all of your information and generate your completion certificate.
  10. It may take up to two weeks for us to process your CE credits to PSI. We must have your NJ License reference number on file in order to process your CE credits with the same name on your real estate license.

Broker 90 Hour Core Module
(4 Hours Limit)

  • Before taking your Test, make sure you are in an environment where you will not be disturbed.

  • DO NOT open additional tabs, browser windows or applications

  • Your answers are saved as you submit each one, not at the end of the Test.
    This means you
    will not lose any work.

  • The Test has a 4 Hour time limit, you will see a countdown timer at the top of each page. If you run out of Time, the Test will be finished automatically and any answers on the current page will also be submitted for you so you will not lose any work.

  • Minimum Passing Score is 70% out of 120 Questions.

  • Avoid using the browser back button as this will not work. To go back to Previous questions, use the “Previous” button which will be under your Questions.

  • Students test takers could only have one web browser open while taking the exam and no other applications. Have a scrap piece of paper and a regular calculator for the math problems. Cell phone should be off during exams and no other books or materials available or near the student. Student should be alone and not getting assistance from others.

  • if student tries to open another tab or another application or try to copy paste or print we will be notified. If you persist the exam will be invalidated and you will not get credit for it.

  • Exams questions are taken from a database at random order each time you take the exam you may have some different questions and some the same but not in the same order, everyone gets their exams generated on the fly.

  • If you start the exam and stop for any reason close the window, you should be able to reopen it and continue the exam, if not call me and I can send you a one time resume  link to pick up where you left off, time, questions and score.

Test Taking Tips:
  • Don't Rush, You have 4 hours!
  • If necessary break question down into small edible chunks as you translate in your head to understand what it is asking of you.
  • Try to formulate an answer in your head before looking at the answer options
  • Use process of elimination, DO NOT look for the correct answer.
  • Be careful of absolute statements and answers
  • Be careful of statements like: except, other than, etc. which may be looking for the opposite of what you're thinking.

  • Stay connected to the Internet during your Test.
  • Do not click away from the Test until you have submitted your answers and finished the Test.
  • This is a Timed Exam, you have 4 hours to complete or exam will automatically finish.
  • If your Computer or Web browser has a problem or they are closed, using the same Web browser, re-open your Web browser go to the Start Link for the Test and you will be taken back to the last question you were on, where you will be able to resume your Test so bookmark this web page

Good Luck!