Benefits of a Brokers License

What are the advantages and benefits of having a brokers license?  

We've been asked lately what are the advantages or benefits of getting a real estate brokers license?

The sky is really the limit when you have your real estate broker license and Career Path Academy can help you get your started on your way with in-class training as required by state law.

The  Real Estate broker license  is one of the most sought after licenses for Real Estate agents in the country.

Start reaping the benefits of having your Real Estate broker license. 

  • The first benefit is the additional education that comes with it! 
How about this scenario, "Mr. & Mrs. Home-seller, you have been talking to other agents. I have a Broker's license which shows my dedication and furthering my education and experience to better serve you. Did any of my competitors continue their studies and get a Broker's license? Few do!"
Could this get you a listing sometime in your career, perhaps it could help.

  • If you were hiring someone for a job and two people (each with 10 years experience) applied, and one had enough motivation to get a broker's license and the other didn't, which one would you hire?
  • Higher sales commission percentage splits
  • Opportunity for career advancement
  • Open your own brokerage sales office (Keep all the commission)
  • Manage a Branch office
  • Work for Franchises
  • Work for Builders
  • Work for Property Management Companies salary, commission and benefits
  • Hire agents to work for you and earn money from everything they do! 
  • Expand your territory with multiple offices or just hire others to work for you that specialize in other areas.
  • Join ANY MLS in the state you like without having to worry if your broker is a member first, You're the broker now!
  • Gain additional revenue streams from other collateral products and marked up fees from goods agents need like business cards and other marketing goods, home warranties (follow the law), E&O insurance (follow the law) and the many other little benefits associated with being a broker/owner.
  • Get a salary position with benefits working in real estate. There are a lot of firms our there actively seeking licensed real estate brokers to work for them where a brokers license is REQUIRED.
  • If you work with a lot of investment properties you don't need to list them through another broker or pay any commission, sell them yourself.
  • You can become a property manager
  • You can originate and broker commercial loans, yes a real estate brokers license is required for that!
  • Become a business broker selling business opportunities which include real estate.
  • If you are an owner or part owner with a partner or someone else working for you as broker, it's a wise business decision to have a backup! Trust me on this, I've been there.
  • If a married couple or a partners own a company, both should be brokers. People die, divorce, etc. and there is no one to carry on. We get calls all of the time from licensees who need a license that day.
  • You hired a broker but want to expand and open another office and need someone else with a brokers license.
  • You can become a real estate instructor and have an additional revenue source. Training others about Real Estate and helping them get their licenses and earning money from doing so.
  • Open your own school or become a real estate instructor for someone else Part Time or Full Time for additional income. (additional requirements may apply.) 
  • You never know when you will need or want one. Every day, we get calls from salespersons needing a quick Broker's license so start now.

Being able to take the knowledge and utilize it within the scope of your business to benefit your clients will pay back ten-fold, but anything you could do that would benefit your clients is a good reason (just my opinion). 

There are agents in this industry that only take classes to satisfy licensing requirements, and then there are those who take classes and obtain additional certifications in order to better equip themselves for the changing marketplace, and to better serve their clients. Designations mean little to the public. It's the application of that knowledge that they are interested in. So, if you get your Broker's license, don't just advertise that you've got it, but explain to your clients how they benefit from that license of a higher degree.

Start reaping the benefits of having your Real Estate broker license.